About the media library

In order to promote and share its rich iconographic collection, the Collège de France decided in 2017 to create an online media library, for the benefit of its own community of researchers and staff but also intended for the press, the latter through the creation of guest account. Images are intended to illustrate academic publications, communication leaflets, exhibitions, news coverage, etc.

The media library now gathers in a single online repository a selection of film and digital images related to the history and major events of the Collège de France.

As of october 31, 2019, the database consists in more than 9800 pictures of professors, researchers in their laboratories, buildings, heritage collections and events. It is expanded on a daily basis with new documents related to a selection of events held at the Collège de France.

Images are displayed in low resolution. If you wish to get access to a high definition image, please follow the guidelines under the Help section and please be mindful of the copyright license attached to each document.

This project was carried out by various departments of the Collège de France (Libraries and archives department, IT department, Web and multimedia department). It was launched in November, 2019.

The media library runs under Propixo.

If you need extra information, please write to phototheque.drpd@college-de-france.fr